Art Birthday Parties & Celebrations

Bring the energy, enthusiasm, and artsy fun to your next celebration with a CutOuts Studio Art Party! Choose from our list of birthday themes, or have us help you design your own.

Both children and adults will enjoy getting creative with a CutOuts Studio celebration. We bring all the supplies, games, and songs to you. You provide the location, food, and cake while we take care of the entertainment (and clean up from all of the art fun).

All Art Parties are hosted by artist Julia Linsteadt who holds a background in early childhood education and Theater Arts. She brings the magic and the art supplies as she transforms your next party into a creative wonderland. 


Birthday Theme Choices:

(Ages 2-7)

Fairy & Gnomes

Capes & Crowns

Make your own  Plushies! (Choose from cats, snails, caterpilars, or dolls)

Magic Potions

3, 2, 1, Blast Off! (Space Themed)

Wings! (Create your own set of wings be they bird, or fairy, or butterfly)

Birthday Themes

(Ages 8-11)

Make Your Own Plushies (Choose From Cats, Snails, Dolls, geometric Shapes)

Pom-Poms Galore!

Bohemian Jewelry Jubilee

Mask Mayhem 

Shibori Tie-Dyeing




Make Your Own Plushies!

Create your own adorable stuffed soft sculpture! Make Fancy Cats, Charming Snails, Cheerful Caterpillars, or Sweet Dolls.  A wonderfully fun project for a grown-up and me parties (ages 2-5), and a lot of fun for older children (ages 6-11) too.


Fairy & Gnome Homes

Create and Decorate your very own home for a fairy friend! Welcome your  party guests into a world of imagination and whimsy. Sing, play, and create in the realm of the fairies! A great theme for  preschoolers up to late elementary (ages 2-11).


Capes & Crowns

Explore the magical world of tie-dyeing and printing with this hands-on process art project. Your guests will leave with a stunning hand-dyed (with washable watercolors) cape and a handcrafted crown too. A wonderful project for preschoolers up to early elementary school ( age 2-7).

Give Me the Details...

 How long is an art party?

Art Parties are 1.5 hours long,  which includes a warm-up/circle time for younger children, imagination storytelling experience/songs and games, and at least 1 hour of art making time, Parties also include a half an hour set-up and a half an hour clean-up in addition to the 1.5 hour party time. 


How Many Guests May I Invite?

You may invite a minimum of 5 guests and up to 10 guests (You may pay an additional $10 per guest up to a max of 15 guests). The birthday child is not included in your final head count. Participating siblings are included in the final headcount. 


How Much Does an Art Party Cost?

A CutOuts Studio Art Party starts at $200. The price will increase depending on the number of guests and the type of theme you choose (custom themes cost more).


What if I Have a Different Idea For an Art Party Theme Than What is Listed?

Great! We love to hear more ideas. We will work with you to create a special custom birthday party project just for your occasion. All custom creative thinking is an additional $100.


Whoa! $100? Why the high price tag?

So glad you asked. We charge for our creative thinking time, as we will take up to 10 hours to design, plan, and create a custom birthday party theme just for you. Trust us, it's worth it. 


What if I don't want a whole new theme, but just a little adjustment?

Perfect! No extra charge for little adjustments (that's what you really wanted to know, right?). We want your celebration to be wonderful and happily memorable, and we are happy to make small adjustments as needed. 


Do you offer less of a group experience and more of a individual experience?

Yes, if you are not looking for all the bells and whistles, but would prefer an arts table be set-up at your party of event we do that too. Party-goers can stop by the table to make and create without a restriction to time or process. Prices vary depending on the number of guests, as you are not restricted to the max of 10-15 guests. Prices start at $150 for 20 guests.