Spider & Pendulum Painting Spider Web-Halloween Craft

Spider & Pendulum Painting Spider Web-Halloween Craft

spooky spiders

How we have never explored the magical world of spiders  in our art classes until now is a mystery! Spiders are the original weavers and crafters of the world, and we can gather so much inspiration from their creations. They have been a wonder to learn about.

As part of our exploration of spiders we incorporated an art project where children not only get to create their very own spiders, but they also had the opportunity to explore the world of pendulums too! Science and art in the same activity? I call that a win/win my friends.

Here's all you need to know about creating these fabulous spiders and their pendulum webs too.

Supplies Needed:

(Please note, this supply list contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support!)

1. 1 sheet of 8.5" x 11.5" paper (we used white card stock)

2. Paper plate, round container lid, or a bowl-anything you can use to trace a large circle shape

3. Pencil or crayon to trace the above item of your choice.

4. Scissors (Safety scissrs for children are best)

5. Black Crepe Paper

6. Black Washable Tempera Paint

7. Orange Washable Tempera Paint

8. Small piece of bubble wrap (any size will do, but we used a piece cut into 8.5" x 11.5")

9. Gogglie Eyes

10. Washable School Glue

11. Large Butcher Paper to create web on

12. White Tempera Paint

For the Pendulum supplies see below.

Create a Spider

Okay, there are many ways to create a spider, but the basis of this activity is to help children identify shape (in this case circles), and provide the very young children opportunities to trace, cut with scissors, and make their own choices.  

First, we used a paper plate to trace a circle onto our piece of paper. 

 I have to share why it's important to not skip this part, especially for young children. Tracing provides opportunities for children to interact with solid objects for them to manipulate and allows for them to practice making a particular shape. It helps connect the fine motor development, hand eye coordination, and object and shape recognition. It also connects abstract concepts like "shape" to every day objects from their environment. 

Next, we cut out the circle shape. This might be a job for an adult if you are working with very young children, or an opportunity to work with your children using the hand-over-hand method of cutting. You can also talk your children through the process of cutting the circle out. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect. 

We Painted our circle black, but you can choose any color you desire.  While our circle dried, we spread out the bubble wrap and the children painted the bubble wrap with the orange paint. We then took our painted circle and pressed it onto the bubble wrap to create an orange smaller circle pattern.

Okay, now here's the fun part...I handed out the crepe paper and allowed the children to each count out their own 8 pieces to use to create their spider legs. The children got to decide how long or short hey wanted their spider legs to be.

We glued the legs onto the bottom/unpainted side of the spider (and some applied them directly on top of the painted part of the spider. We passed out bowls of googlie eyes and allowed the children to glue as many eyes onto the spiders as they desired. We set the spiders aside to dry.


Create a Web

Creating the spider web was quick, and easy. Two of my favorite words to use when describing a project! We used the method shared on Hand Made Kids Art who is a contributor for the STEAM Kids book too (eee!)

We followed what Jaime mentions in her blog post almost exactly including her supply list. The only difference is we used white washable tempera paint that we watered down with about 2 tablespoons of water. This created a stead stream of paint coming from our cups creating more of a web look instead of droplets. You can test your paint consistency before pouring it into your pendulum cup.


I hope you will give this project a go. The results are extra spooky in a way that children adore. Happy Halloween!


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