Simple Butcher Paper Wreaths for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Simple Butcher Paper Wreaths for Toddlers and Preschoolers

It seems like there are a variety of ways to make wreaths with children, but as I looked for easy ways to create a wreath project for the younger crowd, you know the toddler and preschool artists,  I kept running into the same problems.

The method was too complicated.


The materials too sophisticated.


The project required too much hands-on time for the adults.


I wanted a method that would be quick, easy, didn't cost a fortune to create, and something that incorporated the natural world too. SO, I give you the Butcher Paper Crinkled Wreath! Viola!


Supplies Needed:

Butcher Paper cut into 6-10 inch strips



Paint Brushes, Sponge Brushes, Sponges

Nature Brushes: Pine Needle Branches, Evergreen Tree Branches

Green Paint

Gold Paint

Flour Sack Towels Cut into 5 inch strips


Red Liquid Watercolor

Containers to hold paint


I  crafted a quick video to demonstrate to you how to build the base of the wreath out of butcher paper.


You can either create the wreathes with your children, or pre-prep them before your art session. It's totally up to you.


Once your wreaths are created, offer several shades of green paint (you can even mix it up together if you like), plus include a variety of natural brush-types and some nature brushes too. We used sprigs of pine-needle branches. 


Paint to your heart's content. It's fun to get the paint in all the nooks and crannies of the paper. Engage your children with open-ended questions:

-What do you think will happen when you paint on the edges of the paper? How about inside the folds of the paper?

-What does it feel like to paint with the nature brushes compared to the regular paint brushes?

-How should we add anther color?

We splattered the wreaths after applying the green paint with gold paint using the natural paint brushes. The natural paint brushes left beautiful light scrapings into the green paint too.

You can create a beautiful ribbon to go with your wreath with the pipette tie-dye method. See this post for details. 

Attach your ribbon to your wreathe\ and allow to dry. Enjoy your pretty paper wreath all season long. 

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