Beeswax Candle Craft DIY

Beeswax Candle Craft DIY

Our final project in our 2016 DIY Holiday gift list that kids can make I bring you an all time classic-Beeswax Candle Making. Have you crafted with beeswax before? if not you are in for a real treat. I love this project for its tactile nature and its accessibility across a variety of ages. This is truly a family craft project. Plus, the results are a real candle made of beeswax that can be burned during this darker time of year.

My first memory of beeswax candles was making them at my own dining room table as a child. The smell of the wax still brings back all those happy childhood memories. It's a timeless craft that you can bring out year after year and continue to enjoy as your children get older. 

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For this project you will need:

Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candle Kit Natural

Toadily Handmade Beeswax Kit Color Mix

(I love these kits. They come with everything you need-wax and wicks. I like to purchase the natural beeswax plus the color mix kits to add to the variety.)

Mini Holiday Cookie Cutters

Pizza Cutter

The best part about this project is it's very difficult to mess up. We like to cut out beeswax sheets in half using a pizza cutter. This makes out candles a shorter size, which we like, and makes out wax go further. We can usually get about 20-30 candles out of the two kits. That's about 10-15 pairs of candles! 

We find pre-cutting the wicks to work best for us, however for older children you could leave the wick long and wrap beeswax on either in to make two candles that are connected by the wick at the top. Makes for a very cute presentation of the project.

We loved using our Wilton Mini Holiday Cookie Cutters to make little candy cane shapes, holly leaves, and sleds to adorn our candles with. Immediately made the candles extra festive for the holiday season. 

Rolling candles is such a therapeutic experience and one that easily can be done while sipping hot cocoa or tea. I hope you will try this with your little ones this season. It's such a lovely way to connect and bond. Happy Holidays!

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