Apple Stamped Tea Towel a Simple Fall Craft

Apple Stamped Tea Towel a Simple Fall Craft


The smell of apples , their colors, their shapes, everything about them makes apples a great item to play with in addition to being a healthy snack. Create a bold and functional apple stamped tea towel to help welcome autumn in.


Materials Needed:

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Assortment of apples cut in half (an adult's job)

Acrylic Paint (this is the non-washable kind) I really like this kind and this kind of paint.

A white Flour Sack Tea Towel. I like these)

Smock or apron to wear while painting (I like these or these)


Step 1: Smooth out the tea towel on your work surface. Put on your child's smock and demonstrate how to dip the sliced apples into the paint and then press onto the tea towel. Lift up the apples carefully to reveal the print. NOTE: We loved using red and yellow so they mixed to make orange as the stamping continued. Choose analogues (mix easily together red, yellows, oranges or blues, greens, and yellows) colors with younger artists and for older artists introduce a variety of complimentary colors (yellows and purples, reds and greens, oranges and blues).

Step 2: Allow the towel to dry completely. Place in the dryer for one cycle (on its own) to set the paint.  

You will now have a lovely autumn color tea towel to enjoy or gift to a friend. 




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