My Color is Rainbow Book Review & Companion Rainbow Mask Project

My Color is Rainbow Book Review & Companion Rainbow Mask Project

Have you read Agnes Hsu's new book My Color is Rainbow illustrated by Yuliya Gwylim? No? Oh, it's a must, must, must read. 

The story follows little white arch who is trying to decide what color he should become. He explores all the colors of the rainbow and loves each and everyone of them. In the end he decides his color is rainbow because each color is so unique, wonderful, and special in her own way. 

I love the simple way this story teaches about kindness, compassion, and overall love for everyone. It's message feels so important in our current times. To go along with this wonderful story we created our very own Rainbow masks, so we too could make our color rainbow. 

Before we jumped into the mask-making we explored the book and talked about why each color was special. We brought the concept to the real world and talked about our friends and how each one had a special quality, skill, or aspect that made them unique and special. 

Here's all you need to create your own Rainbow Mask:

White Card Stock Paper cut into an arch (or upside down "U" shape)

Paint- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple (I love these washable tempera paint cakes too)

Paint Brushes

Tissue Paper cut into squares or strips for collaging (I seriously love these...all the work has been done for you!)


One bamboo Skewer

Packing Tape

*Optional* Gold Paint to Splatter


First, cut your card stock into an arch or "U" shape. You can cut out the eyes this time too, or wait until your rainbow painting is dry (We cut out the eyes after our masks were completely dry).

Next, offer the paint and a selection of paint brushes, and let the painting begin! We did not force any particular order, or right or wrong way to paint the rainbow. It was up to the kids to decide how their rainbows would look (keep in mind too this project was offered to a group of 2-7 year-olds, so there was a wide variety of approaches and skill-levels-which was GREAT!).

You can allow your rainbows to dry and add the collage elements another day, or while the paint is wet offer the collage elements such as tissue paper (yarn, colorful buttons, or ribbons would be fun too). Give the children some time to add their elements to their mask. You can extend the project by asking the children to see if they can match-up the color of the collage elements with the colors of paint on their masks. 

Once your collage and painting is dry, offer some gold paint and another paint brush to add dots or try splatter painting a little.  The metallic element is a fun one to bring in.

After everything is dry, attach your bamboo skewer to the back of your mask with the packing tape. Now you are ready to show off your true colors!

my color is rainbow


Have questions? Want to share pictures of your creations? Send me an e-mail or reach out on Instagram. I love sharing and featuring people who have tried out one of my activities. 


Happy Making!





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