Explore Colors With Your Baby or Toddler

Explore Colors With Your Baby or Toddler

I remember when my own children were babies they loved, loved, loved simple and bright materials they could interact with, and the majority of their favorite pieces were ones that I crafted for them at home (and hardly cost anything too!). 

My kids loved these color exploration treasure blocks made out of clear plastic solo cups. They are durable enough to stand up to  a young baby's curiosity, yet they are flexible enough that a baby is still able to squish, roll, and play with them.

You could prepare these blocks for your baby, or for slightly older babies and toddlers (12-months+) you and baby could explore each color individually as you worked together filling each cup up with different odds and ends of the same color. 

These cups are great for tummy time, meal prep time, restaurant visits, or as a toy for the diaper bag. Like with all small parts it's best to be within sight of your baby as she interacts with her new color blocks. 

baby color diy sensory play

Here's What you Need to Make Your Own Color Blocks:

Clear Plastic Solo Cups

Clear Packing Tape

Rainbow Color Washi tape in each color of the rainbow (optional)

Odds & Ends in each color (ideas include: yarn, pipe cleaners, tissue paper cut into strips or shapes, fake flowers and leaves, large beads, Medium to Large Pom-Poms, Fabric Scraps, Packing Crinkle Paper, Ribbon...)

baby sensory art project texture and color

Step 1. Select a color of the rainbow to work on and put out all of your odds and ends of that color on small plates or in small baskets. 

Step 2. With your baby or toddler help her place items into the cup (You may need to adjust some of the items and push them down into the cups -like the pipe cleaners- so your items fit snugly inside the cup). It's important to keep an eye on your baby during this step. Help your baby explore each element one at a time. Talk about the color and the texture of the item before you place the item into your cup. Your baby will love the repetition and you will love connecting with your baby too.

green sensory diy toy for babies

Step 3. Seal and secure your items in your cup by covering the open top of the cup with packing tape. Place the tape (you will need several pieces) so it overlaps each piece of tape making the covering very secure. Push the edges of the tape around the edge of the cup securing the contents inside of the cup.

Step 4. Add the washi tape around the outside of the now taped closed rim of the cup. This will secure the tape and contents further and give a fun spark of more color. 

Enjoy these fun blocks with your baby. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know if you try out this project.


Photo Credithttps://www.instagram.com/astoryaday/

Photo Credithttps://www.instagram.com/astoryaday/

If you like more projects like this please head over to www.kidartlit.com where you will find all your need to know about great children's literature and process art projects (plus there's more fabulous projects shared over there all about babies and first art experiences).


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