Rainbow Fabric Tapestry DIY

Rainbow Fabric Tapestry DIY

I don't think I could get tired of making rainbows, and I am pretty certain my students won't ever get tired of them either. We loved this fun fabric rainbow tapestry project that not only turns out incredibly charming, it uses up any fabric scraps you may have laying around. The supplies needed are simple, and the process is a joy. Plus, this is a perfect project for the www.kidartlit.com Rainbow theme! 


1. Painters Canvas Tarp cut into 11" x 18" rectangles

2. Blue Paint

3. Sponge Brush

4. Elmer's School Glue

5. Shaving Cream

6. Popsicle Stick or other tool to use for mixing

7. Sponge (We used these)

8. Scraps of fabric in the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Use what you have on hand or use this fabric sample or this felt set

9. 12" Wooden Dowel

Rainbow Tapestry DIY



1. Cut your painter's canvas tarp to size 11"X18". Fold one of the 11" sides over so 1" of the canvas is folded and bring the end of the folded edge so it is touching the body of the canvas fabric. Glue the edge down with the Elmer's School Glue, or with a hot glue gun. Make sure to only glue the edge so you have created a loop to later put the wooden down through. Turn the Canvas tapestry over and begin working on the opposite side.

2. Paint the canvas blue for the sky.

3. Combine 1 cut shaving cream with 1/4 cup liquid Elmer's School Glue and stir until combined. This create a "cloud-like" texture.

4. Using a sponge, sponge the "clouds" onto your blue sky.

5. Cut up strips of fabric in the colors of the rainbow. Using your glue, glue on the pieces of fabric to create a rainbow. 

6. Sponge on more "clouds" if desired.

7.  Allow your tapestry to fully dry. Add the dowel and hang to enjoy! 


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rainbow tapestry diy
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