Snow Month: Creative Bookish Kids Art Supply List

Snow Month: Creative Bookish Kids Art Supply List

Thank you for purchasing the Creative Bookish Kids Snow Theme! Below you will find the supply list for all three of the process art explorations included in this months edition of Creative Bookish Kids. Please note the items listed include affiliate links. We appreciate your support.

Snowy Sensory Play

You Will Need:

One  2lb Box of Baking Soda

1 Can of Sensitive Non-Scented Shaving Cream (This type works well too)

Plastic Bin or small to medium size tub

Spoon for mixing

Loose Parts to make impressions in the “snow”: Sticks, Corks, Paper Tubes


Snow Process Art

You will need:

 Watercolor Paper or other sturdy paper like peg board or recycled cereal boxes painted white work well too.

·  Blue, White, and Pink Washable Tempera Paint

· Collage Materials- Patterned papers, pages from books, vintage music sheets, paper doilies

·         Paint Brushes

·         Paint Pallets or bowls to hold paint

·         Paper Tube from Paper Towel Roll or Toilet Paper roll

·         Elmer’s School Glue

·         Plastic or paper plate

·         Beads in your choice of colors (in our project we used light blue, dark blue, clear, and clear with glitter pony beads)

·         Pipe Cleaner (In our project we used a white pipe cleaner)

·         Hole Punch

Exploration of Cold-Sensory Project for Babies

·         Two 1 Gallon Plastic Bags

·         4-5 cups of ice cubes, or enough to fill one of your plastic bags 2/3 full

·         Blue Food Coloring

·         A Cup of Glass Floral Beads

·         Tape (We used Black Electrical Tape, but Duct Tape will work too)

·         1 Flour Sack White Towel (Optional)