What is #kidartlit ?

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It all started when...

Megan Lingo of Chickadee Lit and I were sharing with each other how much we love to read with our kids, and how much we love  connecting art-making to the stories we read.  Our trouble had been that we didn't always know which books to read, or which projects to create. We started to wonder if other parents and educators felt the same way. We scoured the world on Pinterest, Instagram, and the googooplex pages of the web and found that there really wasn't a great resource for families and educators out there that curated projects and companion books. 

So...our idea was born. We decided to launch a hashtag on Instagram that combined the amazing world of excellent children's literature with the world of children's process art. We wrote a selection of themes, shared our idea with some of our other artsy and literacy educator friends...and...well a hash tag and a movement was born. 

How does it work?

Each week we feature a guest judge who helps select our weekly theme. At the end of the week our judges select 4-9 of their favorite books and projects to feature across Instagram. Our judges receive shares and shout-outs on Megan's and my Instagram pages, Facebook, and Pinterest (if applicable),  plus a shout-out on our growing page-  @kidartlit. 

We are thrilled to offer this growing community an opportunity to celebrate the magical world of books and art and help us on our mission to raise creative, curious, and compassionate children.

Want to Participate?

Interested to be guest judge? Great! Fill out our survey form below and we will be in contact with you soon to schedule your week and theme. Have questions. Go to my contact page and reach out to me directly with questions or comments.